The Fellsphoto Vintage 6x9 Gallery

    Agfa Billy Record and Billy 0



left: 120 film medium format 6x9cm with 10.5cm f4.5 3-element Apotar lens and 8-speed Compur shutter

right: 127 film small format 6x4.5cm with 7.5cm f3.9 4-element Solinar lens s/n 564579 and 8-speed shutter


Unfortunately the shutter speeds on the 6x9cm Billy Record (acquired 10th May 2008) are all the same (sounds like 1/100th) regardless of speed set.


link: photographs using a Billy Record with Solinar lens can be seen here:  


Agfa Billy 0 127 folding camera - oblique view

The Solinar lensed Billy 0 (acquired 4th March 2009) came with seized aperture and focussing and so will require servicing before it can be used.

So,  I won't be taking any photos with either of these for the time being!

 Agfa Billy 0 127 film camera

results of shutter testing

spreadsheet of Billy 0 shutter speed data

The positive: its shutter speeds are remarkably accurate. The highest speed of 1/300th being 2/3 indicated is not unusual.

The negative: it has a fault that may be difficult to rectify. The aperture control slider is jammed so, for the time being, it has a fixed aperture of f5.6.

Still, that won't stop me taking pictures with it!


You can see photos taken with the Billy 0 and its Solinar lens here:

link: photos using Agfa Billy 0 with Solinar lens here:       (the picture quality is impressive)


As one might expect, due to the superb lens, these photographs suggest this to be the best 127 folding camera ever made.

There is a view that Agfa's Solinar was the best of the 4-element Tessar-type lenses (see my Isolette II/Solinar, which appears to confirm this)


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about 127 film:

The format was introduced by Kodak in 1912, along with the “Vest Pocket Kodak”.   Kodak stopped producing 127 film in July, 1995.

Few photofinishers made enlargements at the time the film was introduced, and most 127 negatives were contact printed.

The later, more expensive 127 cameras featured lenses that were good enough to permit enlargement.


Fotokemika of Samobor, Croatia, continues to make 127 film, which it sells under its own Efke brand.

(this was originally Adox film and is now being sold once more under that name)

buy from: (£5.45 a roll)             

Sensation: New 127 format film!

What a surprise: There will be a new 127 film on the market.
Maco / Rollei-Film is offering the new Rollei Retro 80S now in 127 format as well (and 120)!

No Efke R100 monopoly anymore.

Time to reactivate our Baby Rolleiflex, Yashica 44 and all the other nice 4x4 / 3x4 cameras.

4x4cm Baby Rollei

I've used the Retro 80S in 35mm so far. One of the best films introduced in the last years. You get excellent sharpness and resolution (on the same level with Kodak TMX), but even significantly finer grain than with TMX. An excellent material for big enlargements.

Film is alive!

Efke reverts to being Adox:

Canadian made colour film to buy:


(about Baby Rollei's incl. s/n's and 1957 prices: