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 1938 Ihagee Auto Ultrix with Xenar lens

with 8-speed Prontor-II shutter and helicoid focussing in which the whole lens moves, not just the front element)

(post-war Ihagee went on to produce Exacta cameras and it's by that name that it's best known)

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Schneider-Kreusnach Xenar lens serial number 1231667 dates this camera to around Feb 1938



Ihagee Auto Ultrix with Xenar lens (left side view)


The scissor action struts must make this the most rigid design of any camera.

On account of the de-focussing issues with both my Voigtlnder Rollfilm and my Agfa Standard it may be that, in their old age, this design proves to give the most reliably sharp pictures.



Ihage Auto Ultrix Xenar lens and shutter assembly            Ihage Auto Ultrix Xenar lens (close-up showing scratches)


The burring of the lens spanner slots tells us that someone has tried to open this and the spanner has slipped. The scratch across 'Radionar' tells all.

Could this be how the scratches got into the lens surface?  Because folding cameras lenses remain safely in the body, other than when brought out for a picture taking, scratches are rare. So, to find this was both a surprise and a great disappointment. However, they probably won't affect image quality.



Ihagee Auto Ultrix (back)

The back confirms the dual format design.


Ihagee Auto Ultrix (dual format viewfinder)

The viewfinder's 6x4.5 frame is fixed, not hinged as with some makes. The rear sight has a sliding mask to match.


Ihagee Auto Ultrix (helicoid foccusing)

The helicoid focussing. As the focussing lever is moved the complete lens assembly moves out.

The Agfa Standard was the only other folding camera to use this method. Other than a Rolleiflex, of course!



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