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1937 Kodak  Duo 620 Series II

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Serial no. 3722449

An unusual ("liberated"?) German version (see DoF dial & provenance below)

with Schneider-Kreuznach f3.5 Xenar lens with full helix focussing

and Compur shutter with speeds to 1/300 sec

made from 1937 to1939, the Schneider-Kreuznach serial no.1240142 dates the camera as 1937

 Kodak History lists the original 1937 price of the KODAK Duo 620 with Kodak Anastigmat lens as $57.50

(The 2012 equivalent of 1937's $57.50 is $919 relative to CPI. However, the affordablility of this to the average person would be $2020)

To the person I met recently who told me he'd bought an "expensive" camera - a Nikon DSLR for 565 - I can only say: "You cannot be serious!"

 Kodak introduced 620 film in 1932 and discontinued it in 1995.





(the camera seen on ebay)

My wife is very pleased that her late father's camera has gone to a good home. It could well have been a 'war trophy' as Pop was a major in the Royal Artillery and he went to France with his 25lb Howitzer troop on D-Day +1. He went all through France and on into Germany and then at the end of the war he was in charge of one of the teams who went into and liberated the prison and concentration camps. He never spoke to my wife or her sister about his wartime experiences and only told me a few things shortly before he died at age 65 in 1979. He did say that he 'liberated' a few things from the German guards and I wish that I could have found out more about his wartime exploits.

I hope that you enjoy the camera, it obviously has a history and, if it could speak, could, I am sure tell some tales.

Best wishes,
Richard & Betty Pugsley of Honiton, Devon








left: the camera's German depth of field dial (translates literally as 'Aperture, Depth, backwards, forwards'

right: the English version

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How to open a Duo 620:

closed up to this point a spring will snap it closed fully open front and back being separated

Perhaps the best designed and easiest to operate back release of all time. Simply lift the catch and pull camera apart.

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