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1921 No.3A Folding Pocket Kodak Model B-5

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with TTH Kodak Anastigmat f6.3 lens and 3 speed Kodak ball bearing shutter

camera serial no. 66838 ~ uses Kodak A-122 Autographic film ~ 1914-34, original list price $50.50

($1050.65 compared to Consumer Price Index ~ $4482.72 relative to unskilled wage)

lens s/n 96623 dates the camera to 1921

On a seperate page:  How to open a Kodak No.3A


Sadly, I'll not be using this one to take photographs. At least not unless I replace the bellows, which lights up like a Christmas tree if you shine a light up it in a darkroom.

Looks fairly good on the outside, but in fact the outer covering has disintegrated on all the corners which consequently have holes. Still, I did see someone selling a couple of bellows for 3A's in the USA. Now annoyed that I didn't buy them. I have to hope that the old adage that 'there's always another on ebay' holds true for 3A bellows. Next time, perhaps.


The camera as I saw it on ebay.

In a moment of madness I thought that, for 5, it was worth taking a chance on it.

 It was.


the lens/shutter assembly

The TTH lens is one of the best ever fitted to this model.

the viewfinder and spirit level

the instruction manual tells us that:

"The finder shows the scope of view and as nearly as possible a facsimile of the picture, but on a reduced scale."

"Any object that does not show in the finder will not show in the picture."

 the viewfinder opens for cleaning



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