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620 Brownie Model D from 1953-57 

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Not my camera but my father's. Bought as a present for him by my mother in 1956, she always thought it a good camera because she 'paid a lot of money for it'. Photography was a luxury (along with cars and just about everything else we take for granted now) and was subject to 25% Purchase Tax, so even a simple box camera was expensive. Any pictures taken with it by me are generally because I was told to so that he could be in the picture!

Brownie model D with shop display card

This is a chemist shop (drug store) display card with camera.

It sold on ebay 12th Dec 2010 for 93.88.

Taking 46/5 as the 1956 price, the relative 2009 value would be 43.20 compared to RPI; 111 when compared to average earnings.

She did indeed pay a lot of  money for it.



1957  ~  the family en route to Lake Simcoe in our '51 Pontiac Chieftain four door sedan

The picture shows the meniscus lens' pronounced vignetting and much camera shake. The shutter release was so stiff that it was virtually impossible to take a sharp picture.



1951 Pontiac Chieftain

 the restored photograph with Local Contrast Enhancement and 'aggressive' sharpening: i.e. CS5's Smart Sharpening radius 10!



1958  ~  Dunkirk on Lake Erie, 40 miles west of Buffalo, NY

(photo by my father, not me, but it's such a good one I felt it should be included here)

as can be seen, the camera's menicus lens produces considerable vignetting



the restored photograph




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