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the 1926-33 Voigtlnder Rollfilm

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the three sizes of Voigtlander Rollfilm cameras                 

 100,000 of these were made in three film sizes. Sources list them as being made 1927 to 1931 or 1932.

However, two of mine have 1933 lens numbers and a 1926 example has been seen (photo below).

In the above picture: left to right:

116 film 6.5cm x 11cm with 114mm f4.5 Skopar lens and Compur shutter (S/N 764882 = 1933)

120 film 6cm x 9cm  with 105mm f4.5 Heliar lens and Compur shutter (S/N 2261121 ~ lens 728274=1933)

129 film 5cmx8cm 75mm f4.5 Skopar lens and Embezet shutter (S/N 22700?? ~ lens 363201=1927)

129 film was discontinued Jan 1951 : 116 film discontinued Apr 1984 (source)

As with all cameras of this period the lens/shutter assembly is pulled out manually.


Photographs taken with the 6x9 Rollfilm with Heliar lens:

thumbnail: Hydrangea Annabelle

thumbnail: panorama of Keswick from Latrigg

  thumbnail: descent from Blake Fell to Maggie's Bridge
Hydrangea Annabelle

panorama of Keswick from Latrigg

Blake Fell


cross section of Voigtlander Skopar lens The Skopar was Voigtlnder's 4-element design to rival the Zeiss Tessar. Conceived in 1902, the Tessar was named from the Greek word τέσσερα (tssera, four) to indicate a four-element design.

Other Tessar-type lenses include the Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar, Agfa Solinar, Rodenstock Ysar, Enna's Ennit & Kodak Ektar.
cross-sectional diagram of Heliar lens Voigtlnder's famous 5-element Heliar lens.

First patented in 1900 its history can be read here .



table of Voigtlander Rollfilm lens serial numbers


1929 marks the changeover of Compur shutters from dial-set (below) to rim-set (seen above)


collectors attribute Rollfilms to 1927-33 but this one was listed on ebay 8th Mar 2011 with Skopar no. 258646 which dates to February 1926

surely to be amongst the earliest known examples?


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