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1945 Bessa with f3.5 Skopar lens


         1945 Bessa with f3,5 Skopar lens


the lens serial number 2763175 dates this to 1945

(2,700,000=1945 : (2850000=1946) : 3,000,000 = 1947)

8-speed Voigtlander shutter speeded to 1/200th sec.

(The 'Voigtlander' shutter is a re-badged Prontor shutter.)


As yet no pictures taken with this camera. However, photos taken with the f4.5 version can be seen here .


from 1939 catalogue: description and diagram of Skopar lens

The extra fourth element of the Tessar-type lens sharpens up the edges and corners, particularly at wide apertures.

diagram of cross-section of Voigtlander Skopar lens

The Skopar is Voigtlander's "Tessar" type lens. The Zeiss 'Tessar', conceived in 1902, was named from the Greek word τέσσερα (téssera, four) to indicate a four-element design.

Other Tessar-type lenses include the Schneider Xenar, Agfa Solinar, Rodenstock Ysar & Kodak Ektar.


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